Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carver One

The Carver One is a special vehicle: it isn't a car, it isn't a motorcycle, yet it combines aspects of both (in appearance as well as in design).

When they announced the Carver One on television, I immediately loved it - until I learned about the price tag. At 30.000€ I thought it was a very expensive vehicle, and alas, most people though the same. Mid 2009 the company filed for bankruptcy, and the Carver ceased to be.

In 2012 PAL-V has started production of a flying car, called the PAL-V One, based on the Carver. I wish them all the best, but given the new price tag of 300.000€, they'd better hope those cars fly out the shop!

Anyway, here's the Carver One in all it's glory.

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