Friday, November 9, 2012

Mitsuoka Orochi

Named after Yamata no Orochi, a mythical 8-headed Japanese dragon, the Mitsuoka Orochi is a Japanese sports car designed and built by Mitsuoka Motors. The first concept arrived in 2001, but the design was updated and revised in both 2003 and 2005. Finally, in late 2006, the car was put into production and released as a 2007 model. Rather than placing the focus on hardcore performance, Mitsuoka categorizes the car as a fashion super car - the Orochi should gather attention from everyone, wherever you go.

The Orochi is built on the Honda NSX-platform, and has a 3.3 litre 230hp V6 engine - the Toyota 3MZ-FE, to be specific.

Several versions of the Orochi exist: after displaying the original concept at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, a convertible Orochi followed, called the Nude-Top Roadster. It was presented in 2005 at that same show.

2007 saw the arrival of a special variant, named the Kabuto, and finally in 2008 the Orochi Zero as announced. Only 20 units will be built of the Orochi Zero, and only 400 Orochi cars will see the light of day in total.

Chances of seeing one on the road are pretty slim then, so I hope you'll enjoy these pictures instead.

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