Monday, October 15, 2012

Bailey Blade Roadster Concept

Neal Bailey, a 35 year old Director of Internet Marketing and Development for a diesel performance company, is passionate about sports cars. So passionate in fact, he actually set out to create his very own sports car.

In the past, Neal has built and restored several vehicles, and recently he finished building a '66 Shelby Cobra 427 replica. It was during the construction process of the latter, while adding and improving on just about every aspect of the car, a lightbulb came up when he though to himself "I should start building my own car".

That was back in 2008 - the Blade was supposed to be ready for sale early 2009, with a vague price tag somewhere around $50,000 to $80,000 (depending on configuration and options), but I've yet to see one in the flesh - even pictures of the Bailey Blade are hard to find.

On the  Bailey Blade website you can follow the progress, and the project is still looking for funds. But looking at these concept pictures, I really hope the Blade will somehow make it - it looks absolutely stunning!

... a Bailey Blade Roadster in the flesh? ...

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