Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nissan GT-R

The current Nissan GT-R owes a lot to the original high performance version of the Skyline range (produced between 1969 and 1974, and again between 1989 and 2002), even though a lot has changed over the years. Nowadays the badge "Skyline" has been dropped, but the nickname "Godzilla" still remains.

It's not hard to see where the GT-R gets its nickname: with an engine ranging from 478hp (588Nm torgue, 2007-2010 version) to 542hp (628Nm torgue, 2012 version) the Nissan GT-R is able to achieve a top speed of over 311 km/h! Acceleration is also brutal, with 0-60mph times as low as 3.2 seconds. Achieved with launch control - yet still super fast.

There are other interesting facts about this vehicle:
  • the GT-R had been likened to the giant robots of the Gundam series by chief creative officer  Shirō Nakamura, making it a unique reflection of Japanese culture
  • the multifunction display in the GT-R has been co-developed by Polyphony Digital (creators of the Gran Turismo series)
  • as a result, the Nissan GT-R is the star car of the Gran Turismo 5 game
Production of the Nissan GT-R is limited to 1000 cars a month, mainly because the engine and rear-mounted dual-clutch gearbox are built by hand. Maybe that's why we get to see so few around here in Europe, the GT-R is still a rare sight on the roads, which I personally think is a real shame.

If, just like me, you can't seem to find the real deal anywhere near your roads, here are some pictures to enjoy the GT-R in all its glory.

... obligatory badge close-up ...

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