Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nissan Micra (aka Nissan March or Renault Pulse)

The original Nissan Micra (which had the chassis name K10) was a cheap supermini built in the eighties. Affordable, yet still reliable: the Micra had a very good reputation for reliability and economy. One particular test (by ADAC) showed that there were only 7.5 breakdowns per 1000 Micras over a four-year period. Alas, it wasn't the most beautiful car. The K11C, a facelift made in the late nineties, showed a better looking car.

The next Micra (chassis name K12) saw the light of day at the Paris Motor Show in 2002. It was a radically designed car with a curvy exterior - taller than the original, and slightly wider. The most recognizable feature of the new Micra were the headlamps, extending to the wing-tops. The Nissan Micra has finally become a good-looking car!

Launched in March 2010, the fourth generation of the Micra has been released with the chassis name K13. Most changes are underneath, and the K12 and K13 look rather similar - which is a good thing, as both cars are a massive improvement over the Micras of old.

A few bits of trivia before we get to the pictures: did you know that in Asia, the Nissan Micra is called the Nissan March? And that the Renault Pulse is actually based on the K13, but with a different front and back?

... the Nissan Micra K12 ...

... the Nissan Micra K13 ...

... the interior of the Nissan Micra ...

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