Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nissan 370Z

A few weekends ago I parked my car next to a 370Z. My parking job wasn't a big deal, but seeing the 370Z was, since it was the first Nissan 370Z I've seen in the flesh so far.

While I've seen my fair share of 350Z's (albeit a little share), I must say that I was quite surprised it took me so long to spot a 370Z. Are they that rare here, or do they not stand out enough to be spotted? Looking at the car I'd have to opt for the first, but I'm hard pressed to believe my own statement here.

Personally I'm not the 370Z's biggest fan, but then again I'm not against it either. It's a nice car, just not for me. And that leaves me wondering: why are there so little out there?


1 comment:

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